Dietary Advice for Pets

Senior Consult

What is a “senior consult”?

A “senior consult” is designed to detect disease and changes in your pet’s body. As pets age, certain diseases can arise which can cause pain, illness and affect their life-span. We aim to detect any diseases early to ensure we can help manage and prolong their life and wellbeing.

What does a “senior consult” involve?

A thorough full body physical exam, weight check and discussion of your pet’s history and issues. Bloodwork and urine tests may be run to detect disease of their vital organ function. This includes liver and kidney function, thyroid function, red blood cell and white blood cell count. Your veterinarian will then advise you of any subsequent treatment plan, including dietary changes and/or medication.

What to do now?

Call Vetfriends Chatswood on (02) 9882 3433 to make an appointment and fill out the following questionnaire prior to the consultation. Bring the completed questionnaire with you to your appointment.

Please tick all that apply to your pet:
Body Functions
Skin and Coat
Heart and Lungs