Joyce - Vet

What made you decide to be a vet nurse?

  • I’ve always had a deep love for animals big and small (even if some make me sneeze a bit) and an interest in biology. After a little detour through uni, I reconsidered what kind of career I wanted and was drawn to jobs where I could help make a difference. Vet nursing fit this bill perfectly for me.

Which aspect of the job do you love most?

  • It’s a real joy meeting the wonderful pets that come into the clinic and helping them feel better. I also really enjoy the clinical aspect of the job and learning new things.

Do you have any pets? Tell us something special about your pets!

  • I currently have a dog, Molly and 4 rescue cats, Lex, Poppy, Minerva and Rose (Feeding time can be a bit hectic!)
    Molly is a Cavvie x Beagle, who was my first patient after she survived being hit by a car – she is still as cheeky and affectionate as ever and loves to play (even with reluctant cats). My boy, Lex, is a ginger gentle giant DSH who loves his food and laying out in the sun. Poppy came as a stray to the clinic and endeared herself to all of us – I was just the lucky one who got to take her home! She is now the Big Kahuna of the house and loves to taste whatever’s cooking. I fostered Minnie and Rose from when they were “ferocious” feral kittens and couldn’t help falling in love with the affectionate, beautiful girls they have turned into.

What are your favourite activities for your spare time?

  • I love to read, write, become entirely too invested in movies/shows, and sketch.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

  • I would love to be a Fruit Bat (bad reputation notwithstanding) as they are intelligent and very social creatures that are essential in pollination and seed dispersal. I’m also slightly nocturnal and would love to fly through the skies.