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Cat School & Training

Cat are surprisingly trainable. And while they are not dogs (and that’s why we love them) cat training is an important part of developing your relationship as well as establishing a few house rules!

This is why we are launched our program called Kitty Kindy to help people train and understand their cats better. Here we will teach owners and their families about;

  • Normal and abnormal cat behaviour
  • Reading your cats body language
  • Strategies to prevent anxiety and stress in your cat
  • Tips for litter training, scratching and spraying
  • Tips for building a fulfilling relationship with your feline friend


Classes will be run on Sundays about once a month. They are from 2pm and run for around 1.5 hours. Call or email our reception to get the next available dates.

Classes are $50 per owner and you are welcome to include your family also.

The are held at our clinic, on the corner of Smith & High Streets

This class is run by Dr Vanessa Lee, who is a caring vet and passionate about cats. Dr Lee has supplemented her formal training with an extra qualification in feline medicine.

If you’d like to find out more, please reach out to us on (02) 9882 3433

Pets Health Check