Mons, aka Monster, was brought to us in 2015 by a member of public who had been feeding him for months. Being terrified and scared of his new environment, he didn’t make it easy for us to tame him (hence the name, Monster!). It involved a lot of patting during feeding, gradual and slow approaching and lots of treats to make him trust us a little more. When we deemed that he was finally fit for adoption, he was already 10 months old and no one was interested in keeping this beautiful boy. This is how he became our first clinic cat and we now couldn’t imagine our clinic without this absolutely gorgeous boy. He is often found stealing treats from the consult rooms and having cuddles with his uncle, Rexy. He also likes to greet our clients at the reception and scare the dogs away. He has excellent paternal instincts with all our adoption kittens and likes to show them how proper grooming is done. Please come in and say hi to our Monster who really doesn’t deserve his name anymore!